Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Circle Trilogy, by Nora Roberts

All together now!

As I think I've said before, I didn't enjoy the circle trilogy the first time that I read it. I found it odd, especially for Nora Roberts. While I know that some other readers really loved this particular series and thought that it was right in line with what the author has always done, I thought that it was strange and over the top in a lot of ways. I also felt that this series was either too long or too short, depending on the perspective that you take.

Like most of the Nora Roberts series that I've read, I am re-reading this one. It is actually my current read (starting with Morrigan's Cross, which is taking me a while to get through). Interestingly, I'm enjoying the series more the second time around, when I am not beginning to read it with any sort of previous prejudice. Now that I feel as though I am essentially taking Nora Roberts out of the equation, I can read the novel as it may have been intended; as something entirely different from anything she's ever written before.

I confess that The Circle Trilogy is never going to be my favorite series by Nora Roberts. It probably will never rank high for me among paranormal romance novels either.

The Circle Trilogy review lenses on Squidoo are all completed now, and I would love it if some of you would take a look over there to participate in the interactive parts of the page that I can't put together as easily here on Blogger. (I love using Squidoo, for the record!). I hope that you'll enjoy!