Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Book Review: Grace Lost, by M. Lauryl Lewis

Title: Grace Lost
Author: J.L. Bryan
Pages: 334
Format: Kindle Edition
Genre: Horror, Zombies
Star Rating: 1/5
Network: Shelfari Goodreads 
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My Summary: Zoe and Boggs have been best friends since they were children. When Zoe's entire family was killed, Boggs was unavailable physically and emotionally, but now he's back and raging war against the zombies that have taken over the free world. In spite of his absence during a particularly trying part of Zoe's life, Boggs has developed a romantic (i.e. sexual) interest in his best friend and pursues her relentlessly when not fighting off the living dead.
My Review:

This was sincerely one of the worst books I've read in about three years. I hate giving such a negative review to a book when I know that the author put a lot of effort into it, but this book was a taxing read due to its heavy use of passive voice and the overall lack of a plot to drive the action. The author uses long descriptions of inane activities that don't move the story forward, and the romantic elements of the book are unrealistic. Indeed, I'd go so far as to say that Boggs' manipulation of Zoe is sexual assault.

At best this book was gory. At worst it was truly disturbing. 

There's not much more to say about my opinions on this book, but you are as always welcome to read my full review of Grace Lost.

I would not recommend this book!